Registration and Submission

Kindly provide Galatian Signature Hotels with at least 10 high-resolution landscape and portrait images clearly displaying the exterior view, features and inside of the property.  Provide Galatian Signature Hotels with your hotel’s logo in vector or PNG format.  Send a short description best describing the facilities and general information regarding the hotel in no more than 300 words. 

You may send the media via WeTransfer, Google drive or other platforms as our internal server will reject large emails.  Any communication that you send to us may be used by us for any purpose, may be reproduced, disclosed, or distributed by us without restriction or further consent from you, and becomes our property when received by us.

Registration fee is due within 7 days from registration.  Registration fees can be paid via Electronic fund transfer (EFT / Bank Transfer) or Credit Card, provision should be made for any charges that may occur due to transferring of funds as the full amount due should reach Galatian Signature Hotels bank account. 15% bank charges will be added for Credit Card payments via PayPal.

*Participating hotels agree to provide a copy of the proof of payment or Credit Card Authorisation form to settle the registration fee, a voucher that includes 3 nights complimentary accommodation, meals and airport transfers that will be utilised to perform a review and promotion of the hotel.  Reviews can include filming and photography and will be published upon approval of the property representative.

Marketing, Media and Changes

Should there be any information changes on the side of the participating property, this should be emailed to marketing@galatiansignaturehotels.com in order to update the company profile.  Should any information change (e.g. Contacts, name changes, category changes) not be disclosed to Galatian Signature Hotels, we will not be held responsible for outdated information of profiles.

It is the responsibility of the property to provide Galatian Signature Hotels with a contact person and notify when such role has been transferred to a different person.

Upon the successful re-entry of a property, it is obligated to provide Galatian Signature Hotels with the appropriate media for marketing purposes as well as proof of payment within seven working days.  Should Galatian Signature Hotels receive no updated media within the set period, the existing media will be displayed.

The placement of the official Galatian Signature Hotels marketing logo by the participant on marketing material is compulsory as it will assist the hotel in gaining exposure and ratings from guests and serves to confirm that the hotel is an official participant.  Official winner logos will be provided to the hotel for the benefit of marketing.

Cancellation policy

Registration fees are not refundable.  No cancellation will be accepted or processed once the registration form has been submitted. The company will be held liable for payment of the registration fee as well as any legal fees resulting from failure to pay within the time period.  By submitting the registration form and accepting the terms, the company agrees to officially participate.  Legal action may be taken to recover registration fees and legal fees under the Jurisdiction of the Republic of South Africa.

Terms and Conditions of Sale of Merchandise

1 Full payment is required when the order is placed (CWO = cash with order).

2 Production will not commence until payments cleared in Galatian Signature Hotels’ bank account.

3 Only EFT or Credit Card payment will be accepted. We have no cash policy.

4 Cancellations will not be accepted for merchandise, in which case the client will be liable for the contracted amount.

5 A handlings charge of 20% (twenty) percent of the value of the invoice will be charged on all goods returned. Returns will not be accepted after 7 working days from receipt of order.  Shipping charges on returns are for the client companys account.

6 A special picking fee of 20% will be levied in respect of the value of the invoice where goods were ordered and subsequently cancelled.

7 The order completion date is dependent on the receipt of the funds and production capacity. The expected completion date will be extended where payments are delayed.

8 Stock availability cannot be guaranteed. Items may be in stock at date of quotation but items will be reserved for an order once the quotation has been signed and the contracted amount cleared in our account.

9 Galatian Signature Hotels will make the goods available at their premises after receipt of the full payment.

11 I acknowledge that goods will be deemed free of defect or discrepancy unless written notice is sent to marketing@galatiansignaturehotels.com within 72 hours of receipt of goods.

12 Galatian Signature Hotels will take every measure to ensure the proper handling and treatment of customer supplied items, but cannot take responsibility for any damages or loss of items not originally supplied and branded by Galatian Signature Hotels.