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Nominations for the most prestigious hotels or groups are open throughout the year.  Each nomination is strictly evaluated ensuring that only the world’s top hotels reach our prestigious list of hotels.  Hotels can only be nominated via guest nomination, self-nomination and consultant nomination.

Successfully nominated hotels are contacted by a representative of Galatian Signature Hotels and informed about their result given the hotel has passed the evaluation process.

Hotels must complete a registration form to officially form part of the international awards by Galatian Signature Hotels and allow consent for Galatian Signature Hotels to promote their facilities.  Upon registration, the hotel will receive recognition and participate in a category that best suits the hotel as selected by the consultant. Galatian Signature Hotels are considered for recognition and compete on a regional and international level.

International regions for Recognition are as follows.

Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Middle East, Islands

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Evaluation / Review

It is compulsory for participants of the international awards by Galatian Signature Hotels to successfully pass the evaluation process. Once a property is nominated the evaluation process commence whereby various online platforms are used to gather detailed guest feedback from guests that have stayed at the respective property.  It is extremely important that the awards process is fair to all participants and therefore size and star rating have no effect on the outcome of the evaluation.  A score is established based on guest feedback.  The platforms used to compile guest feedback includes but not limited to:

TripAdvisor, Trivago, Facebook,,, Expedia, Agoda, Google+,,, Orbitz, HolidayCheck,, Tablethotels, Hotelchatter,, AsiaRooms.

Various factors within the following are taken into account when rating a hotel;

Rooms, Food, Service, Facilities, Bar and Beverages, Communication (Internet and phone), Location, Atmosphere, Surroundings, Wellness facilities, Eco- friendliness and hygiene.

Only hotels with the highest rating and proves prestigious standard may become a member of Galatian Signature Hotels Awards and enjoy the benefit thereof.

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Galatian Signature hotels makes provision for only a select number of hotels to enter the awards programme therefore entry is only possible by means of passing the evaluation and voluntary entry is not possible.  Upon completion of the registration form, the hotel will be entered into the category that best suits the hotels profile and location as set out in the registration form.

During the registration, the hotel will have to share its contact details, photographs and additional information to be further used by Galatian Signature Hotels to market the prestigious facilities and form part of the marketing campaigns for the remaining period of the annual awards for the set year or register for the next year. Once registered the establishment receive the official logo and relevant marketing material to be placed on their website and marketing platforms.

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Post Registration

Each hotel receives their own page on the Galatian Signature hotels website, placement in Royal destinations magazine, placement in Royal Destinations magazine, placement in the annual yearbook and other partner publications such as ads and publications..  Marketing material and online campaigns will direct guests and travellers directly to the hotel website or the website of Galatian Signature hotels where applicable.  In example, bookings might be referred directly to the hotels booking website for booking whereas general information will be referred to other portals.

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Re- Registration

Participants qualify for re- entry for the year following the year of participation. A Galatian Signature Hotels Representative will contact the hotel with information regarding re-registration. It is the responsibility of the hotel to ensure that all details remain up to date and to update information such as descriptions, contact details, categories, descriptive text, press releases and photographs by sending it to the Galatian Signature Hotels Representative.

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