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Luz Charming Houses is the result of a sweet love and the desire to build a special and unique place. Here, every house has a story, each tree keeps a secret and every stone invites us to get lost where the past, present and future play with each other in harmony. Inspired by the traditional architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the small village is hidden in a mystical forest where, on clear nights, we can hear the echo of the songs of Fátima’s Shrine. Here we stroll unhurriedly, on meditative and leisurely walks, we return to the past and we play marbles and the spinning top. On the walls, we look for messages and, in the middle of the garden, you may find a small cave that awakens your senses. The return to our origins, the whisper of the leaves kissed by the wind and the secrets so well kept, make this unique heaven the perfect place to find balance between body, mind and soul.

Our little village is surrounded by a very special garden with some fruit trees, oaks, olive trees, holm oaks and other wild species of this region, each one meticulously planted in the most perfect way: by the hand of Mother Nature. Walking in this piece of paradise, you will find messages that challenge you to explore Luz Charming Houses and its surroundings, absorbing all the energy that nature has to offer. In our natural cave,  we favor aromatherapy and a herbal medicine, using our local flora, passed from generation to generation. Let yourself be surprised by the surroundings and the magic of the cave gracefully created by nature. Feel the energy and vibration the natural cave gracefully lines up in unison and in balance with the universe.

Trusting our values and believing in a peaceful coexistence with the world around us, we have built our village inspired by nature and respecting it, a sacred place where we want to return to culture and tradition, always believing that unity is strength. As we take care of our Mother House, we also take care of Mother Nature. We like to work surrounded by green woods, hearing the whistles of sparrows and falling in love only by breathing in the fresh air and the wonderful smell of the earth.



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Hotel Features : Swimming Pool, Free WiFi, Family Rooms, Non- Smoking Rooms, Speciality Bar / Restaurant, Air Conditioning in rooms, Spa / Wellness Centre, Disability Facilities, Online Booking Management, Conference Facility, Eco- Friendly, Room service, Terrace

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