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Galatian Signature Hotels sets the standard within the luxury hospitality industry rewarding hoteliers for service excellence and prestigious facilities. Galatian Signature Hotels employs a wealth of hospitality experience and holds more than 25 years experience in luxury across the board. The Galatian Signature Hotels was established in October 2019 and successfully gained the first member in November 2019. Galatian Signature Hotels is the fastest growing recognition and media authority within the hospitality industry providing an exclusive group of luxury properties with improved brand visibility and increased revenue as a result. Limiting the number of members ensures exclusivity and a partnership mentality as we add monetary value and credibility.



Awarding the most prestigious properties in 8 regions around the world.  Only 1 property are allowed per category in each region.



Publishing our exclusive collection of properties around the world via our vast digital network ensures the reach of target markets. 



Ensuring our properties receive increased revenue in an ever changing environment, we use our massive marketing network to generate bookings.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time ”

-Henry Ford

Since 2019

The Galatian Signature Hotels was established by Mr. Hennie Schutte as a company who strives to add value to the luxury hospitality industry by exceeding the expectations of our members.  The Galatian Signature Hotels grew at a considerable rate of 400% despite the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 causing thousands of companies to close their doors.  The Galatian Signature Hotels is a testimony to doing the right thing and adding real value.

International Recognition

Attain to all the wealth that comes from the fullness of understanding

making a start

The international award by Galatian Signature Hotels is the highest level of achievement.  It requires continuous improvement and adaptation. This is not just an award, but an opportunity to add value to every hotel and motivating the industry towards a proactive rather than a reactive mindset.  Registering and competing in limited number of categories provide exclusivity and outstanding quality as every participant focus on excellence to maintain their position and improve ratings at all times.

Crowning the worlds most prestigious

Galatian Signature Hotels is an international Recognition and Marketing authority crowning the most prestigious hotels on an ongoing evaluation basis.

Limited Entries

Participation is only possible by means of nomination and passing a strict evaluation process thus providing a collection of the worlds most prestigious hotels.

Service Excellence the goal

Galatian Hotels Awards for continuous adaptation to guest demand and consistent excellent service.
Improved Brand Visibility
Access to Target Market

Helping You Every Step Of The Way

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Identifying target markets and executing the correct plan in order to generate brand visibility and bookings.  Our platforms has proven to deliver tremendous amounts of gain in revenue and new returning guests

Airport Ads

Showcase your property in the high dwell areas within airports internationally reaching 3,8 million travellers monthly

Golf Ads

Our exclusive properties are displayed in and around 80 golf courses reaching 374 000 decisionmakers monthly


Billboards is the way to make an impression. Establish your brand and market to the captivated audience reached via digital billboard advertising.

Digital Platforms

Social Media, SEO Website pages and Regular Publications reach millions of travellers and industry professionals on a bi-monthly basis.
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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“The greatest reward is the reward of return on investment”

– Hennie Schutte 

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The Galatian Signature Hotels Booking and marketing team work hand in hand to ensure that your property receives the best exposure and call to action plans.  By utilising our vast marketing network, we ensure that our properties bookings are placed with as least possible resistance. 

Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa

Questions And Answers

7,3 million decision makers and travellers per month

The GSH Collection ads is displayed every 15 minutes in the high dwell area within the airport and golf courses

All properties need to pass the evaluation process and complete the payment before it is allowed to feature as a member.

To form part of the GSH Luxury collection and benefit from the marketing worth USD 100,000 p/month the property will pay a annual membership fee of USD 9,500

Working hand-in-hand with each property, all designs and campaigns are designed in-house by the GSH media team. The work hand in hand with the properties media team to ensure desired outcomes is reached.

Because of seasons and guests originating from different areas, we do change target markets and advertise in different regions depending on the season and guest origin.

Absolutely not. Only members of the exclusive GSH Collection partake in the annual awards.  This adds value to the marketing as we use our vast network to publish your results.